Strange Brew Releases Their EP “Cursed” – Dedicated to Their Late Drummer Tom Webb

Strange Brew has recently released their latest EP, “Cursed” which is dedicated to their drummer Tom Webb, who passed away last summer. One of the standout tracks on the EP is “The Only Way.” Strange Brew seamlessly weaved together threads of indie and southern rock, infused experimental percussion, and brought us a track that’s anything but ordinary. At the core of “The Only Way” lies an unabashed authenticity. The band fearlessly pours their emotion into every lyric, plumbing the depths of introspection with an unflinching honesty. It’s a lyrical canvas painted with profound strokes, perfectly harmonized with the raw, gritty essence of their guitars, creating a sonic landscape that’s as intense as it is captivating. For those craving an exhilarating and authentic musical expedition, “The Only Way” from Strange Brew’s EP “Cursed” is an indispensable addition to any playlist.

This album is dedicated to Tom Webb, our drummer who passed away June 20, 2023. – Strange Brew

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