All The Feels with Honey and Blue

Adam Darling and Stephanie Amber are the singing-songwriting duo that make up Honey and Blue. Amber’s creamy sweet vocals, and Darling’s raspy course voice bring listeners a unique sound. Adam Darling is from Ohio and Amber is a New York native. The two aspiring musicians met while working at the same restaurant in Los Angeles and immediately started creating music together. They’ve hit major venues in LA like The House of Blues and The Witzend. Their first album which is self-titled dropped in 2015 and has an impressive five star rating on iTunes. The dynamic duo make up a great fusion of the genres pop and blues. Honey and Blues recently released their second full length album titled “All The Feels” with the leading track being their new single “Walls.” The funky bass line in this song really gets the track moving and compliments the vocals very well. There’s a music video for the song “Walls” on YouTube as well (posted above). It’s exciting to see the chemistry between the duo in the music video – they are on fire! The album is about having a new colorful outlook on life, and love, as Darling would say “I’m able to see in color.”

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