An Exclusive Interview with Papyllon from Slovakia

Papyllon is a rock band from Slovakia with heavy electric and bass guitars, crushing drums, and wailing vocals! Their new song titled “Never Felt So Pure” is a great example of their talent with songwriting, instrumentation, and vocal melodies and riffs. The song feels magical and makes listeners feel something pure. It’s psychedelic at times, it gets soft at times where the bass throbs slowly and the piano plays a small riff, and it gets hard sometimes rocketing listeners into another world. The song takes all who listen on an adventure through different seasons and emotions and it takes true talent to do that.

You can stream the song on YouTube:

We asked the band some questions and they sat down together and gave us some honest answers:

RTP: What is the music scene like in Slovakia?

P: The music scene in Slovakia is quite hard to describe. Sure, there are the mainstream bands or artists that put out one song in a year and they are played on the radio all the time, just like the top 40 artists from UK and USA. Then there is this less mainstream scene that is supported by one radio which also selects very specifically what will they play, but at least it still functions as an opposition to the “top 40” radios. In our home town of Prešov, we have quite a large fan base but with a population of 90,000 it´s a relatively small city so we think it is not that hard to form a fan base in a city like this, however the quality of the music has to be present.


RTP: Did any musical artists inspire the writing that went into this song? Can you describe the writing process? 

P: We never really thought about our songs like “oooh this song sounds like this band or that band”. It is a trap in which artists especially musicians can really easily fall into meaning if you want to be original your song can not sound like one or two artists. It has to be as much artists as possible and then the real art happens when you create something totally new, from a whole bunch of influences, that you can not really compare to some other band/artist. “Never felt so pure” started as a kind of silly duo where it was only the guitarist Richard played a simple riff and singer Bohuš used the vocal effect that is present in the begging of the track. Later, as we started to put more meat on it the whole song transformed to this rock epic that reminded us (or we wished) of the title tracks to James Bond. The last addition came when we changed it from straight eight note groove to a shuffle groove which infused it with the vibe we were looking for the whole time and also made it a bit more psychedelic. The lyrics are very simple compiled of few phrases that address the feelings of sex and how we are drawn to this act as something cathartic.

RTP: Any big plans for the future of the band?

P: The future looks very promising since on the 20th of March we going on our biggest tour yet where we will visit 5 countries in the east of Europe and play 18 concerts in 20 days. It will be fucking crazy. In the summer we will play festivals in our home country and our neighboring countries and in Fall we would like to go on a tour to England to promote our music there.

The full album can be streamed on Spotify:

Keep up with this promising band and check for tour dates:


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