Upamanyu Mukherjee Debuted #1 on iTunes India Top Album Charts, and This Record is a Must-Hear

Upamanyu Mukherjee’s newest record Negotiating Oxytocin released on August 11th, 2023 and debuted at #1 on the iTunes India Top Albums Chart. This is Upamanyu Mukherjee debut album, which he created not only to express himself, but to also help others who are experiencing similar emotions. The 16-year-old composer, lyricist, singer and musician showcases his mature talent throughout the record with themes on loss, love, and loneliness. He is also an accomplished pianist and guitar player, and those talents also shine throughout the record.

The record begins on a dark but empowering note, with “Friend.” The lyrics talk about letting go of a toxic relationship that is holding him back, becoming free from this relationship, and choosing himself over negative energy. The production pulls from trap and pop, and the vocals sit on top of the beat so every word can be heard. Many will relate to the lyrics throughout the track. We’ve all been there – losing a friend or letting go of a friend, for the sake of our mental health.

The next track is “Lonely.” This is another song with honest lyrics about missing someone and the loneliness that comes with that. The vocal melody is extremely catchy and will get stuck in any listener’s head. This is one to play again and again. These are the real emotions of Upamanyu Mukherjee, and his vocal delivery makes that clear. They are raw and honest throughout.

“As a musician, I am telling a story and although everybody at a particular moment in time may not understand the story because they may not be going through similar emotions, there are many people out there who can and will connect to it. Those are the people who I write my songs for (besides expressing myself). I hope that the songs I sing help other people get through what they’re going through, and if they are feeling the same as me, they’ll know that they’re not alone.”Upamanyu

The third track of the record is “I Love You.” This song showcases Upamanyu Mukherjee’s piano talent (on an electric keyboard) and vocal talent. This is one of the most romantic songs on the record. It’s a confessional of love. In the lyrics, he sings about wondering if the girl that he loves, loves him back. This is another highly relatable song. This slow ballad picks up around the minute and 30 seconds mark, when drums join the arrangement. The production features many unique elements that are sonically pleasing for fans to hear. If you are looking for less of an electronic piano sound, and more of a real sound, you will love the next track. “For You” brings on an authentic piano sound, for another romantic ballad that is simply irresistible. This is another confessional of love with a catchy hook melody about love.

“‘For You’ has an interesting story. I originally started writing For You as a dream around February 2022. I doodle on the piano often and a tune that I had developed stuck in my head. I was single at the time I first wrote it, and it was a sort of simulation of this burning passion which I wasn’t sure was possible, but that passion is what fuelled the song. Eventually, the song developed as an impassioned ballad to a really important significant other.”Upamanyu

“Smithereens” also shines light on Upamanyu Mukherjee’s piano skills. This is another romantic pop ballad with a slow intro that hooks the listener in immediately. This song is about a relationship crashing and the heartache that follows. The songwriter says, “”Smithereens’ is a song written after the break-up of an intense relationship. Even if you really want to get out of a relationship, when you finally do, you eventually miss that person because they could’ve left a lasting mark on you. It’s that angsty, frustrated last word to that person who you are so happy to let go of, yet they still seem to linger in your sub-conscious.”

“7:55” comes from a place of deep emotion, a sense of not belonging, and being lost without much-needed answers. The song is piano driven with a pop beat that carries the song into another dimension. Excellent talent in the fields of songwriting, production, and vocal delivery can be found on this masterpiece of a song. This song serves as a reminder that dark times are perfectly human, they come and go, they pass, things change and can become brighter again. This song reminds listeners to keep holding on for their lives and wait for the better days to come. “Do not give up” is the central message.

“7:55 is about being at that edge and urging people to get away from it. It’s important to remember there’s always someone who cares about you, you may not have met them yet, but they are out there. The sadness can become overwhelming. It can become the centre of your life and influence everything you do. It can cause you to make decisions and feel things you didn’t know were possible and it’s one to the most serious and terrible problem out there at the moment. This song is about my experience with those emotions, what they did to me, what I felt, but also how I managed to get over it.”Upamanyu

The album’s closing track features beautiful guitar playing. “Fallen” is perhaps the start of something new. This is the most rock sounding track on the record. It can blend in with 90s pop rock and grungy pop. This is the start of a new relationship, new love, and the intense feeling of falling in love. This is the perfect way to end to the record. It showcases another side of Upamanyu Mukherjee’s songwriting and vocal abilities, soaring into new genres, and climbing new musical heights.

Listen to Negotiating Oxytocin on Spotify. This is definitely one of Rock the Pigeon’s top album picks of the year! Reviewing this record has been an absolute honor. We cannot wait to hear what is next from this incredible young talent, Upamanyu Mukherjee!

Written by Ryan Cassata (link to submit your album for review)

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