Nathan Towne and Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon form Great New Rock Band, Release Self-Titled Debut Record

Most people who grew up in the 90s have heard the music of the great rock band Blind Melon. Now members of Blind Melon, Rogers Stevens and Nathan Towne, have formed a new group called Towne & Stevens. Similarly to Blind Melon, their musical style combines the sounds of classic rock and 90s pop rock with a modern day sound. Their song “Come Along” serves as a great introduction for their recently released debut album and shows great versatility and talent. The unfiltered vocals evoke great emotion throughout the course of the track. Guitar riffs fill in the empty spaces and the piano dances throughout, adding a lot of luster to the song. The lyrics beg to be listened to and may spark a sense of urgency for the listener.

If “Come Along” isn’t enough to persuade you, then you must dive into “Spell of Aging.” This song features a quirky piano riff that plays opposite of the unique vocal melody. This is another laid back jam that is filled with classic instrumentation and immense musical and songwriting talent. These two songs are filled with emotion and magic. Listen to the debut record of Towne & Stevens now on Spotify:


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