Wax Jaw is Taking Philadelphia by Storm

Wax Jaw is Taking Philadelphia by Storm: 
Philadelphia’s Wax Jaw is a band that you must be listening to. Their new song “Be The Man” cleverly combines the sounds of early rock n’ roll, surf rock, and post punk. We hear banging drums, surf x rock n’ roll guitars, and mind-blowing vocals. “Be The Man” is high energy in terms of instrumentation and vocal delivery. The vocals demand the listeners’ attention, and all the lyrics shine through. The track is mostly guitar driven, and the guitars are perfectly toned. It’s a high energy anthem that begs to be heard! This is a rock song that you can dance to!

Wax Jaw formed in January of this year, and a six-song EP “Between the Teeth” is set to release this October 20th, so please stay tuned! Listen to Be The Man on Spotify now and check out the bands other releases as well. Enjoy:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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