Hidden Hospitals With New Dreamy Single “Liars”


Today’s a great day for music! Hidden Hospitals just released electronic pop/rock single called “Liars.” The song has a synth riff and layer that makes you feel like you are floating in space. The melody in the vocals makes you feel like you are dreaming. This song does exactly what music is supposed to do, take you away from all your pain for a couple minutes and bring you somewhere awesome. The song has a strong hook and great vocals. We can’t wait to hear more! Their full album will be out May 18th and is also titled “Liars.”

Vocalist Dave Raymond says on the track: “People go to great lengths to prevent ourselves from really being happy. We try to keep things that aren’t ours to keep – damaging ourselves and others in the process. “Love is deranged, and fear’s a crutch. ‘Liars’ is collage of sounds and feelings that I’ve had love for at different times, and for HH, it’s unexpected. It’s in a major key, the sounds are buoyant and hopeful – paired with the lyrics, it’s a lonely sort of happy.”

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