Livia Blanc and Her French Retro Anthem


Livia Blanc is a French singing sensation based in Brooklyn, NY. The song with French lyrics is feel-good and brings listeners back to an earlier time such as the 1960’s. The retro horn section comes in with a vibrant hook that lifts the song. The vocal melody is enchanting and gets listeners bopping their heads and wanting to listen again, again, and again. The song takes unexpected turns and stays interesting throughout. We must compliment the songwriting.

The lyrics translate from:
“J’veux ressentir des sensations, chocolat café, passion.“
“I want to feel sensations, chocolate, coffee, passion.“

Don’t we all?

Here is the meaning of the song in the songwriters own words: “The song is longing for summer and summer flings, looking for passion away from the monotonous winter routine.”

You can hear this incredible piece of art here:

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