You’re About to Hear This Group Everywhere

The Aces are the indie electro-pop girl group you didn’t even know you’ve been craving (or maybe you did). “Volcanic Love” gives homage to some of the greatest romance stories of all time, namely The Great Gatsby, 500 Days of Summer, Heathers, and more. Their bio elaborates on these romances which, “due to their toxic nature, burn with passion as universal resistance only fuels them more.” We don’t know about you, but we’ve been called out. You definitely don’t want to pass by their music video to the track, directed by Nico Poalillo and the band’s very own drummer (Alisa Ramirez). The visual uses lighting and color contrasts to illustrate the dark, but undeniably attractive underlying theme to the song. Watch out for their newest album, “When my Heart Felt Volcanic” due to drop in April
Written by Niko (@Niko_Storment)


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