The Avener Makes Bob Dylan Modern

For the first couple seconds you will think that you are listening to a classic Dylan track. Then you will notice that things in Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” are brought to life slightly more with marching drums and an enchanting synthscape. The song gets funky before a minute even passes, with a beat and synth line that you can make a choreographed dance to. Dylan’s acoustic guitar is still there, his voice is still there, but the song is lifted to another level of greatness proving how excellent of a songwriting Dylan is and how legendary of a producer The Avener is. Brace yourself…this is one of the coolest pieces of music you will ever hear.

If you are interested in hearing the original “Masters of War” you can stream it on Spotify as well:

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Written by singer-songwriter Ryan Cassata (IG: @RyanCassata)

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