Faultlines Release Political Anthem “Rain”

Pop folk band FAULTLINES takes a political stand with their new song “Rain.” The band reflects on the conversations about everything political that happened in 2017, from Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, to the “wall” that’s supposed to keep illegal aliens out of the US. The song is about standing up for everyone’s rights and fighting to live in peace. The bands vocalists John Flanagan says “The song basically wrote itself before I could get it down on paper.” The single starts out with mellow harmonies and then picks back up with their female vocalist and her power house delivery and range. She talks about a man in a big white house trying to take her rights away because she is a woman. Each member in the band tells a personal and intimate story about their own rights, each with strong heavy vocals. The song represents coming together as a community, and “sticking it to the man”.

The band is set to release a full length album “Bittersweet Revival” this May. Faultlines’ mission is reflected in their quote “Folk music is the music of the masses. It’s about people, not just pretty words.”

Stream the track via Spotify:

More info: http://www.faultlinesofficial.com

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