Broken Stems Release Authentic Rock Song “Heavy On My Mind”

“Heavy On My Mind” by Broken Stems is quite possibly the anthem to all of our future existential issues. The new track, released today March 9th 2018, starts off with quiet and melodic guitar to set an introspective mood. Just when you are vibing to the bluesy riffs, Broken Stems lead vocalist projects notes you can feel all the way to your toes. The band is reminiscent of blues & 70’s rock and roll stars like Hendrix, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, but with a modern rock twist. Their video for the song, filmed by Elliot Sloan in their manager’s living room, takes a “one-shot” approach that further illustrates the song’s feeling. With swift gliding in the space around the band, you can’t help but feel like you’re floating through the song (on a cloud propelled by the drummers slow but meaningful drum hits, naturally).


Broken Stems got their start in late 2013 with debut EP “We Are Home” and has performed at a variety of venues/showcases, including SXSW & their very own “Caravan to Cabo” tour. The first single on their 2016 release “What Are You Connected” landed them on iHeartRadio’s Rising Star competition, and it’s been all up from there. We look forward to seeing these guys rise up the indie ecosystem one dreamy guitar riff at a time! Check out the video for “Heavy On My Mind” below:


Written by Niko (@Niko_Storment)

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