Slow Skies With Blissful New Song & Video “Dancing”


Coming in with a soft but strong lead vocal, Karen Sheridan from Slow Skies gives us the feels with new song “Dancing.” The smooth drumbeat fits the song perfectly and gives listeners enough rhythm to break out in a slow blissful dance. The track has just enough instrumentation and the production isn’t overdone at all – this is something that music fans don’t have the privilege of experiencing too often anymore. The music video is beautifully done and gives the song a new meaning. Slow Skies is based in Ireland. We can’t wait to hear more!

Karen says this about the track: “It’s all about nudging people to think about whatever it is that makes them feel good and just feel happy in that moment. I want this song to be three minutes where you drift off into a happy place, where nothing else matters. I actually wrote most of the lyrics blindfolded so it was really all about how they made me feel in the moment, with all the other sensory distractions stripped away.”

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