FAV FIVE 3/10/18 (Free Paintings New Release & Folk Punk Spotify Playlist)


Here’s our top tracks of the day! We start off with a new release titled “The Void” from psychedelic Bay Area based band Free Paintings. Their whole album is incredible! We have MisterWives with a fun indie rock jam Coloring Outside the Lines.” Then we head to Motions with “Late Night Calls” which is a little more somber of a track. Then we bring it up again with an upbeat song from Ryan Cassata titled “Light Up.” Then we have “I Listened” from folk-punk band Apes of the State. This band has a great playlist on Spotify titled Folk Punk DIY Takeover that features some great anti-folk legends such as Mischief Brew and Paul Baribeau. You can stream that awesome playlist here:

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