Hitmaker chillpill Teams Up w/ Rico Nasty & Soleima for Animated Pop Smash “LiL BiTcH” [+The World’s First Ever Music Video Game)

An iconic song with an even more legendary music video, chillpill, Rico Nasty, and Soleima have us shook with “Lil BiTcH.”

Punk rock princess Rico Nasty, mystifying Danish singer/songwriter Soleima and hitmaking producer chillpill today release PC pop smash “LiL BiTcH,” accompanied by the world’s first ever music video game. The game features Rico Nasty, Soleima, and chillpill as they save the world from lil bitches! Plus, the person with the highest score each week will win $500. Listen to the song and try your luck on the video game HERE.

Already having written and produced records for artists like Panic! At The Disco, Chloe X Halle and more, chillpill made an introduction of his own artist project (and the virtual being that is chillpill) with single “FUCK THE CLUB” feat. GOLDN, which also received a chillpill remix featuring PC pop artist Ravenna Golden. The story of chillpill the artist begins in an alternate 2-D cartooniverse. chillpill grew up feeling like he had no purpose and struggled to find his place, until he found music. “On the surface level, it’s a fun genre-blending idea, almost a tongue in cheek flip on pop culture. On a deeper level, it’s really a dark comedy and commentary on the state of the music industry” says chillpill on his inspiration behind the project.

Rico Nasty has been among the most prolific artists in recent memory, dubbed as the DMV’s own punk rock princess and having remained malleable—evolving from the pop-tinged Sugar Trap era to the more raucous, hard-hitting energy of her recently released debut album, Nightmare Vacation. Since her formal debut in 2016, Rico has become a favorite in the press, covering a number of magazines in her signature style, including The FaderNMEAcclaim, and XXL as a 2019 Freshman. Her work has received certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) as well, with 2018’s “Smack A Bitch” going gold. 

Known for her cutting-edge productions with pop songwriting at its core, Danish singer/songwriter and political pop artist Soleima navigates societal issues and the very meaning of what it is to be human in all of her musical work. The effortlessly talented singer/songwriter was born and raised in Denmark, drawing inspiration and honing her style from many genres and life experiences, including time spent at an African dance camp and pursuing a degree in Anthropology. 

The song itself is quite the electro-pop banger. Watching it with the music video is even more gratifying. But playing the video game with the music video is one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. It makes the bouncy pop/rap song more interactive by bringing it to your own world. If you don’t want to try it yourself, don’t worry. Included below is a short summary of my experience along with screenshots.

So obviously, you download the app and give it access to your AR function. It gives you basic instructions.

You can’t start playing until your camera is pointed at the beginning of the music video. Press play when you’re full screen and ready, and get ready to have fun!

We are then instructed to “take out all the lil bitches before it’s too late!”

chillpill is then vortexed into the video game on the music video, and then the game on your phone begins. The music combined with the game starting up is almost euphoric and retro in nature, but the hard bass and flying monsters bring you back to reality quickly!

When I played this for the first time, I made sure to enjoy it all the way through without worrying about documentation for the full experience, so the screenshots do not do the game actual justice. Once you hit an enemy flying at you, it explodes and your points go up.

Once you get to level two, the beat and scenery and targets to shoot at switch up a bit. I love the combination of Rico’s heavy hitting bars while shooting the targets around my home studio. This game honestly made me love my clear swivel desktop chair even more.

This is my favorite part of the song and music video, but I can’t help but want to play the racing game with Rico in the video.

Near the end of the song, we’re told to “look behind you!” on our screens, and guess who… It’s none other than the BIG BITCH we’ve been looking for!

(Shoutout to the portrait of my beautiful bearded drag boyfriend behind it, I SWEAR you’re not the big bitch I’m referencing in the photo! Find her instagram here. Love you!)

Once you defeat this big bitch, you’re greeted with quite possibly my favorite end-game quote of all time.

“Congrats! You defeated the big bitch”

It’s about time, bitch!

Anyways, I love this song, this music video, and especially the video game! I highly recommend everyone watches the video and tries the game at least once. I think this is truly an innovative and impressive artistic creation that will go down in the history books. It’s super easy and honestly, do you have something better to do during this pandemic? Check out the video below with the instructions on how to play in the description!


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