Guyville focuses on timeless songwriting with debut album “Girls with Guitars”

LA based duo, Guyville, has just released an undeniably great album titled “Girls with Guitars”. The two songwriters, Emily Hulslander and Kat Hamilton, met during turning points in their careers. Hulslander was well versed in the Los Angeles songwriter circuit, but looking for identity as an artist. Hamilton was new to LA with a strong voice as an artist, but struggling to find writing chemistry in sessions.

The two women represent a perfect yin and yang. Emily Hulslander approaches the partnership with an ear for hooky melodies, while Kat Hamilton has brought her lyrical prowess to the table. On “Girls with Guitars” you can so clearly hear the way the two come together. While the duo dips its toes in many genres such as Indie-Rock and Americana, the focus always comes back to the songwriting.

Hamilton says, “Emily has really inspired me to be a more concise editor. When we found each other, I knew it was a unique dynamic because she brought out something special in me. I’m proud of this album, and I’ve learned so much from being in this duo with Emily. Every single song tells the story well. Everything feels complete from track 1 all the way to track 11. Most importantly, I’ve grown as an artist through our partnership, and I know she has too.”

“Girl with Guitars” has a lot of variety, from tearful ballads to grungy guitar driven anthems.

The standouts Should Have Never Dated, Chasing Stars, For What It’s Worth and 21 Again are all as hooky as they are impactful. While some of the more understated tracks, such as Maybe You, sneak up behind you with catchy melodies that will stay stuck in your head.

Hulslander affirms, “This album came together so seamlessly, filled with friendship and opportunity for Kat and I to explore different paths as individual writers. From start to finish it was one of the best experiences in my musical journey, and I’m beyond proud of the songs on the album”

Guyville gives audiophiles something steady with their debut album “Girls with Guitars”. There’s a classic feeling when you listen to the album from top to bottom. It’s an album that showcases excellent, clear writing that could pack a rock club or move you to tears at a coffee shop. In a world of unlimited TikTok trends, this release is refreshingly timeless. Once you listen, there will be no denying: Emily Hulslander and Kat Hamilton are so much more than girls with guitars.

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