Zack Brooks – ‘What You Love’


Zack Brooks, a Michigan native by way of California, is known for his melodic, rap-influenced vocals. On his new track ‘What You Love’, Brooks lays his unique Peep-inspired vocals over some tight, choppy beats complimented by some light indie guitar takes. The lyrics, while very personal and emotive, avoid many of the rhetorical pitfalls and clichés emo rappers inherited from their pop punk and post-hardcore forbearers. Brooks has an exceptionally clear vocal style and his beats are very progressive, nuanced and complex for cloud rap. Brooks wears his affinity for high-brow early millennial indie rock on his sleeve, but not in a way that insinuates pretentiousness or some kind of supposed intellectual superiority. He combines the most accessible aspects of the two musical worlds he’s involved with in a deeply satisfying way.

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Written by Noah (IG: @zucker.n)

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