ARY is a Fusion of Genres Done Well

Electronic pop-rock has always had a place underground in recent years, but ARY’s new single ‘If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know’ has the potential to fully break the sound into the mainstream. The group takes cues from atmospheric post-hardcore groups like Bring Me the Horizon and Enter Shikari and masterfully combines them with the profound, all-encompassing vocal-style of modern pop acts like Lorde and HAIM. The breakdown, which could inspire either head-banging or ecstatic dancing depending on your inclination, is easily the piece’s peak. The atmosphere the quartet has created is on a level the modern pop world should inspire to. Their limited use of the guitar, an instrument many have identified as declining in cultural significance, is notable. Generally, a deeply rock-inspired track would seem empty without it, but ARY has no trouble packing the audible spectrum to the brim.

Hear the song here:

Full album out March 23rd, 2018!

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Written by Noah (IG: @zucker.n)

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