JP Saxe’s Romantic & Raw Song “The Few Things”

Pop Star JP Saxe released a new romantic single titled “The Few Things” along with a gorgeous music video starring Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos and talented actress Dina Shihabi. The song has already reached tons of hits on Spotify probably due to its catchy hooks and romantic lyrics. Saxe shows that he is unique as an artist by adding his raw honesty to the story. He says: “This is the most honest I’ve ever been in a love song. It comes directly from a conversation and the video is that conversation.” Saxe also goes on to explain that it was a little uncomfortable for him to process at one point, but he wanted to make something that was real and not fake. Spotify names Saxe as one of their favorite artists and “ones to watch of 2017.” We will definitely keep him on our radar as well! Check out the music video on YouTube:


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