Beautiful Country Song by Sule

Sule’s “Love Me” gives us all the feels. He says, “The song is about longing and desire for love mixed with apprehension and fear of rejection. It offers hope in it’s final resolve to risk it all and go for love.” We agree, even listening to it makes you want to fall in love. Paired with Alberto D’Onofrio’s visuals, this track is a winner for our Pigeon heart. Apparently, shooting was just as organic as it comes off. Sule depicts the shoot with D’Onofrio, “[he] began shooting at the beginning of the song straight through to the end each time exclaiming after each take how beautiful the shot was. I think our director of photography, Xavier Bosse, was having fun with this very artsy concept. I distinctly remember Alberto saying each take looked so stunning, he could use any them as a final video.” The chemistry, the visuals, and the concept all contribute to this work of art that you don’t want to miss.

The Track:
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