Sicilian Singer-Songwriter Fabrizio Cammarata Enchants Listeners w. “You’ve Been On My Mind”


Fabrizio Cammarata’s new song “You’ve Been On My Mind” is nothing short of gorgeous in terms of both the music and the lyrics. The song has the power to grab any listener by the heart at the sound of the first soft guitar strum. When Fabrizio Cammarata’s voice comes in you will completely fall in love with his sound. He has an ability that not many artists currently have: to convey his deepest truest emotions through his vocal delivery. Listeners can really feel every single lyric and may even feel like Fabrizio is singing directly to them. The music video for “You’ve Been On Mind Mind” is on the simpler side of video production but comes off as professional and beautiful. Prepare to have your breath taken away with this ballad…

The song is off his debut record titled “Of Shadows.” The album features 11 well-produced and well-sung songs. Fabrizio Cammarata hails from Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

“As if I were getting deeper and deeper in the nature of shadows, I try to slowly move the curtain away to see what lies beyond. I come clean, I say my truth, but… you? Do you know what you will find if you look into your shadows?” – Fabrizio Cammarata

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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