Rob Pagnano Started Music at Age 26, Has Already Played 2000 Shows, & Released Great Song “Roads”

Rob Pagnano has an interesting story about the rise of his music career. The Boston based singer-songwriter didn’t start playing music until he went through a rough accident which broke his back at age 26. The accident inspired him to pick up guitar and start writing music. Now he has performed over 2000 live shows which is quite a feat for any indie artist! His new song “Roads” is a mix of indie-rock and country with a very soothing voice that sounds familiar as if he’s an old friend. There is comfort to be found in his sound and his song. This song is great enough to be on the country radio station on XM or even on FM radio and we hope that we will get to hear him there as well! The music is simply beautiful. Hear it below:


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