Satellie Raven’s “Changes” Dropped Today!

Satellite Ravens just released their new single called “Changes.” Following this single release they will be dropping their full length album on March 23rd, 2018 which is just around the corner! According to SoundCloud Satellite Ravens floats around three cities, maybe even more, which are the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, Arizona. The track is really groovy sounding. There’s something so classic about the production and the vocal delivery, yet there’s also something that is so modern about the track. It feels good all the way through and eventually you will find yourself singing or humming along!


According to SoundCloud “Satellite Ravens sounds like what a 70’s band might have sounded like if the 90’s had happened first. Frequently psychedelic, the music is nevertheless rooted in electronic sounds and funk rock mayhem. It invites and in some ways confounds the listener.”


Some more info about the track:
Written and Composed by Carson Rohde
*All Instruments and Vocals Performed by Carson Rohde
*except where noted
*Drum set performed by Aaron Burch
Produced by Aaron Burch, Michael Soffa, Carson Rohde
Recorded at Buffalo Island Studios in LA
Overdubs Recorded in Oakland, CA, and Prescott, Arizona.
Mixed by Lewis Robertson at Owl Cove Studios in Berkley, California
Mastered by Mario Lafleur at Quantum Music in Montreal, Canada
Music Video out now! (Source is SoundCloud)

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