ARTIST OF THE DAY: Rob Drabkin w/ “Beautiful Day”


Rob Drabkin has a great new song out as part of his EP called “Beautiful Day.” The song is called “Its a Beautiful Day” and starts off soft with a soft guitar. The lyrics are about being in distress but then realizing he has to enjoy the time he has here. The song speaks about seeing the good even when so much bad is happening. It’s quite inspiring. The song goes from an indie-folk-rock vibe to a poppy chorus that will get you singing. It’s the perfect song to start your morning. It’s the perfect song to take back what’s yours. It’s the perfect song for making the decision to be happy. On this particular track Rob Drabkin has collaborated with Dirty Canvas Music (American Authors, Young Rising Sons). Those influences are very evident as well!

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Rob is also featured on this playlist.
Written by Ryan Cassata (@RyanCassata)

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