No Kind of Rider Takes Us On A Journey w/ “Savage Coast”


No Kind of Rider is the exciting new indie rock band based in both Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY. They saw much success with their debut single “Distinct” that gained over 200,000 streams and was featured on two Spotify curated playlists New Indie Mix and Ultimate Indie. Now the 5 piece band is back with another chilled-out track called titled “Savage Coast.” The track was released on March 9th, 2018. The new single is both chill and atmospheric but does contain a great hooky chorus and some guitar riffs that will be stuck in your head for days. There’s part of the song where it spaces out and comes back to something more upbeat. The song is very interesting the whole way through and really takes the listener on a journey! We can’t wait to hear more from this talented group!

“I write a lot about relationships. Some romantic, some not. This one is romantic. There’s a push-pull going on and its about a turning point. That moment where you are aware of the good and the bad and you have to choose if the whole package is worth it.” – No Kind of Rider

Jam the song here:


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