Artist of the Day: Benny Mayne // Benny Mayne’s ‘Basic Bitch’ Is Anything But Basic


Benny Mayne’s new single ‘Basic Bitch’ is a bouncy, R+B-influenced pop song. The song’s spoken-word intro is really funny. The biting, comical retaliation carries through the whole piece. Mayne’s choice to incorporate electric interludes gives it a retro character that serves him well. On top of everything, he has a really beautiful voice and knows how to deliver a great melodic vocal line. The topic of the song is something that everyone can relate to and feelings that most people have experienced after they have been played or screwed over. Many people won’t be so blunt in the way that Benny expresses the message tho! Expect to hear more from this rising artist soon.

“Treated me like family, hope your brother knows me cool
You treated me like plan b, went and played me for a fool
You did what you did and so it’s done now
Roll down the window so I can jump out”

Check out the track here:
Written by: Insta: @zucker.n

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