Artist of the Day: Oli Hannaford w/ “Running Slow” / A Voice As Smooth As Honey! (Exclusive Interview)

With a voice as smooth as honey is Oli Hannaford! From London, England, Oli Hannaford delivers a soulful song titled “Running Slow.” The production is simple and suits the songwriting and Oli’s vocal very well. Overall, the track is quite stylistic and also brings the power with a great hook! In a way, it’s quite retro, especially with the synth sounds at the end of the song. It’s also psychedelic with the vocal repeats and layering. Of course, there is also pop elements to it that appeal to today’s young ears. However you wish to categorize it, you’ll be sure to label it as great. Check out the track and interview with Oli below!

The Track:

RTP: What’s been the most happy moment of your career so far?

OH: There’s a mix of things here really. There are a lots of different ways that I think about happiness in that sense. I think that of course a biggest achievement can be happy in terms of feeling like people are taking notice of you. An example of that would be very recent! Jamie Cullum played The Crown on BBC Radio 2 last week, which made me go a bit wild. But then there are other small things, like finishing a song I’ve been stuck on for months that can be a real sense of happiness. I realise my answer isn’t particularly clear but I suppose in music, whilst individual moments are a marker to what you’re doing, it’s really about the bigger picture – I’m super excited about the bigger picture at the moment. Maybe that means my happiest moment is now.

RTP: Do you do all the writing for your music?

OH: Yeah I write everything, record everything, produce everything, and mix everything in my bedroom, on my own. That means my processes can get a bit blurred and messy at times, but originality and creativity comes from mess with me I guess.


RTP: What instruments do you play?

OH: I play the guitar, and the piano. I’m always messing about with synths and can play most things to a basic ability. I guess because I’m producing it all I kind of have to! That being said, just because I played a software flute on something I couldn’t claim to be able to play the flute… That’s piano to a producer.

RTP: Are these songs inspired by real events? If so, care to go into detail?

OH: Yes, definitely. “Lust” and “Running Slow” are actually very much factual accounts of 2 situations I’ve been in. They’re a slight abstraction of them, of course, but every word in both songs has weight because they’re all completely true (at least to how I was feeling at the time etc)


RTP: What are some of your hobbies besides music?

OH: Well motocross used to be my life before I came to London. I raced every weekend and was quite good. I unfortunately had a pretty horrific injury which kind of ended that all… But at the moment I’m struggling to find time for music, let alone other hobbies. I work 9-6 monday-friday so it can be difficult to have the energy to do anything else.

If anyone with lots of money is reading my paypal is Fund my resignation so I can get back to:

RTP: Is there anything you want the world to know about you?

OH: I reply to EVERYTHING on twitter/instagram and weird questions are encouraged, don’t be shy
Also I’m single

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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