AYH-LET Remixes Sondre Lerche’s “I’m Always Watching You”

AYH-LET cleverly remixed Sondre Lerche’s great song “I’m Always Watching You.” The track came out today on SoundCloud and is available for streaming. The remix has a different vibe that feels more trippy but also more modern than the original track by Norwegian artist Sondre Lerche. It’s a job well done!

Hear the remix here:

Some info from AYH-LET:

Well – I simply asked mr. Lerche to get a chance to try a remix of this song – and thankfully he approved. The idea was to isolate the vocals and lyrics, and wrap them in a sonic landscape more akin to the New Romantic movement, as opposed to the more upbeat flavours of the original track. I spent a day or two in isolation recording the tracks, and as you might hear, a lot of vintage instruments came to use. More an interpretation than a remix, perhaps?


Social Media:


The original song by Sondre Lerche:

Written by Ryan Cassata


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