Songwriters That Sold Over 4M Records Start Their Own Project Called YVR / New Single!

YVR is a pop duo featuring Courtney Jenae and Stephen Stahl (WondrBoy). They have just released a powerful pop song called “Always You” which goes into detail about the joys and the pains of love. The song features an excellent produced track, incredible lyrics that are emotional and relevant, and beautiful vocals. Before “Always You” the pair has written dozens of songs for other artists (mostly K-POP artists) and have already found success in the industry as writers. As writers they have sold over 4 million records, and have had a combined 10 number one singles. Now the fierce duo has decided to write and record their own music and talents and put it out under the name YVR. This is the second single they have released under the name YVR.

Check out the new single here:

They play at Amplyfi in Hollywood, CA on April 6th, 2018! The show is all ages. You can get tickets here: for $12. The duo goes on at 10:15 PM.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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