Oli Hannaford with Trippy Experimental Song “Lust”

Oli Hannaford is out with a trippy indie-pop song called “Lust.” The song features funky electric guitar riffs that open the track. Then Oil’s soulful vocals come in with some tasteful drum claps followed by a simple beat that’s easy to move to. During the “hook” of the song there are lots of vocal effects that are quite experimental and psychedelic. These vocal riffs and echos make the song really stand out from everything else out there today! The electric guitars also make the song very unique. The song may transport you to your favorite club that is filled with fog and smoke and chill lights that set the mood. You can stream the song on Spotify (link below).

Quote from the artist:

Lust follows on from Berry Gin. Where Berry Gin was about letting loose on a night out and in a way disassociating yourself from reality, LUST is about when you get home… It’s about when you start to realise that whatever’s going on probably shouldn’t be because it definitely is reality. But when you’re doing something you probably shouldn’t be, it’s way more exciting isn’t it ?

Hear the song “Lust” right here:

Here is the song “Berry Gin” that Oli mentions in the quote:

This song has a much different vibe and is less experimental and more indie-pop.

Oli Hannaford’s Social Media:

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