Artist of the Day: Lee Smythe / New Powerful Single “Don’t Say It’s Over Now”


Lee Smythe has just released a fun pop song titled “Don’t Say It’s Over Now.”  It features pounding drums during the verse that slow down during the chorus. The transitions keep listeners on their feet and are very smoothly done. Lee’s voice is melodic and hopeful, telling a great story that everyone can relate to. They are feelings that we have all had at least once in our life. The chorus is so catchy even though it slows down. After listening to “Don’t Say It’s Over Now” one time, you will have it stuck in your head for weeks. You will want to be listening to it all of the time. Lee’s vocal is sweet but strong, perfectly portraying his desperation for the relationship to not collapse and proving his dedication for it’s survival and to the person he sings to. This song is a true powerhouse! We are looking forward to hearing more in the future!

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