Toxic Crew’s ‘The Secret Formula’ Will Make You Want to Join the Crew



Toxic Crew, a Westchester, NY-based metalcore band, just released a new live music video for their track ‘The Secret Formula’. The band has a straight-forward, hard-hitting sound that really moves the kids. Nobody stands still during a Toxic Crew set. Bassist John Mastroberardino’s fat riffs lay down a solid foundation for vocalist Milo Stricker’s pained screams. The strong, heavy-handed beats of drummer Jonathan “JoMo” Mohan keep the chaotic track together. The recent addition of guitarist Will Velek to what was formerly a rhythm-oriented trio has helped round out their sound. His licks seem to by and large follow Mastroberardino’s bass lines – this band is all about creating that sweet groove. Go check them out!

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