Charlotte Enegren Out w/ Powerful Debut Release “Same Old Joe”


Swedish artist, currently based in London, Charlotte Enegren is here with her gorgeous debut single titled “Same Old Joe.” The track is the first release from her upcoming debut EP titled ‘Mirror Lights’ that is due at the end of April. She will be having a release party at Servant Jazz Quarters in London on the 23rd of April to celebrate! The song is a piano driven, jazzy, bluesy, composition with compelling vocals. It is complete with a piano solo that is packed with moving jazz riffs. The chorus of the song is very catchy and will make you want to listen again and again!


Quote from the aritst: The track is about the repetitive nature of a relationship I had a while ago where I was unable to break away and leave the situation despite the damaging effect it was having on me. Passion being the main reason. It’s about wishing for someone to change the way they treat you while subconsciously knowing they never will, which is a vicious cycle many of us go through I think. Until finally you let go and move on. Same Old Joe is my catharsis song in a way!

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