Chris Crocker is Climbing the iTunes Charts w. Fantastic New Album!

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Chris Crocker released his first full length album on Spotify yesterday! The self-titled album also dropped on iTunes and is climbing up the pop charts rather quickly. Right now it’s number 33! This is not an easy feat for an unsigned artist but Chris Crocker has everyone’s attention in the music world now! The album features 10 pop songs that are catchy and well-produced. The vocals are soothing and even angelic at times. Chris also wrote all the lyrics for the entire album, which is something that most pop artists do not do. There are some love songs and even a song about alcoholism to close the album. The album is a great compilation of songs that are all unique in their own way and all show Chris’ natural talent. Our current favorite song on the album is “I Don’t Need Another Maybe” which feels much like a Britney song from the 1990’s. So good!! We can’t wait to hear more from this rising musician/singer!

Buy the album on itunes and help it climb even higher on the charts:

You can also stream the LP on Spotify:

The talented singer/lyricist also posts regularly on instagram. Some of his videos are funny, some are serious, some contain excellent advice. Check them out here:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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