Them Swoops Release Retro Sounding Song w/ Retro Video

“The footage in this clip is the only moving images of Dave’s (singer in Them Swoops) mother he has ever seen. She died of cancer at age 27 not long after this footage was shot, when Dave was 2 years old. The guy with the football is Dave’s dad. It’s pretty nice to be able to bring the family back together in this way.” – PR

Them Swoops is out with a new song called “Summer Daze.” The guitars are pulsating and fit perfectly with the drums and bass to carry the song. The vocals mesh well with the band and are very retro-sounding. It’s clear that the lead singer is a great vocalist by the way his singing sounds so natural and fitting. The Australian band has been releasing music since 2012 and they sound like they have been playing together for much longer than that. We look forward to hearing more music from them.

You can hear the song on Spotify as well:

Written by Ryan Cassata


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