“Cold Rain” is the Most Soulful Song You’ll Hear Today

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Folk duo, Westrin & Mowry hook all who listen in as soon as the first note is sang by Brian Westrin on their new track “Cold Rain.” This bluesy and soulful song is a statement that music can still feel organic and jam packed with real instruments and emotions. This is the type of music that moves people. This is the type of music that brings people together. This is the type of music that makes people feel human. This song will shake you to your core and maybe even give you chills by the time you get to the melodic electric guitar solo. We are dying to hear more from them! For now, we will keep playing this song over and over again.

The duo consists of Brian Westrin who is the singer-songwriter and Peter Mowry who is the producer/instrumentalist. Together they make a fantastic team to create something insanely incredible and moving!

Hear the track on Soundcloud:

You can also jam out to it on Spotify:

Are you hooked yet?!?! We are!

Find out more info: http://www.westrinandmowry.com/

We have featured this song in our new “Best of Submithub” playlist on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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