BamBoo’s Music is Filled w Great Vocal Melodies and Hooks!

BamBoo is out with a new EP titled “Cheers” that just dropped via SoundCloud on April 14th, 2018! We had the privilege of listening to the first single off of that EP titled “Bayou.” The song is contagiously catchy from the time the guitar pulsates in the introduction. When the lead vocal comes in, the song grows even stronger! The vocals feel like they are building and then they resolve during the chorus to make all who listen feel happy. The vocal melody is so incredible that the song would still be incredible even without the great lyrics the writer has written. The song came out with a simple music video that is well lit and involves lots of movement! We know you’ll enjoy this band and we can’t wait to hear more!

You can hear Bayou and the rest of the EP on SoundCloud:

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