Benny Mayne Blesses Listeners w Stripped Down Version of “Bounce”


Benny Mayne has got a knack for creating viral music that everyone can relate to whether they would admit it or not. He puts words into his music that most people don’t have the bravery to say out loud to their friends. He’s bringing these lyrics to hundreds of thousands of people! Benny sings with soul and confidence making you believe every single word he sings to your soul. His melodies are incredibly catchy and will be stuck in your head after the first stream. This is what sets him apart from other artists and makes him stand out.

The Toronto based artist has recently blessed us (and all who listen) with a stripped down version of his viral song “Bounce.” The song was originally released 2 months ago on SoundCloud and racked up over 200,000 streams. This acoustic version came out about a week ago and has already been heard over 85,000 times on SoundCloud.

This version of the song is made complete with smooth honest vocals and jazz guitar chords and bluesy riffs that are bursting with romantic intention. Most artists can’t pull off doing an acoustic version of their song, Benny Mayne sure can! He is proving that he is a true artist, and an incredible songwriter. He can deliver a song that can stand on it’s own without a beat. That is a gift and a portrayal of true talent. It’s only a matter of time before Benny Mayne is a house hold name.

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