AfterSound Modernizes Roy Orbison’s 1964 Hit


If you are a fan of music you’ve heard “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison (released in 1964) and you probably could sing along to it as well. AfterSound, a duo from Chicago, has taken the classic song and made it their own way. This new version is definitely more modern, it switches dramatically from a chill electro-pop vibe to jazzy piano part, then it has an EDM drop and goes back to the electro-pop thing. It’s a good way to introduce the song to young people who may have never heard the song before. The vocals are consistent the entire song. The singer has a voice that can be both pop and rock and obviously has a true talent with singing. Some of the melodies are altered to sound a little sad in parts as well which gives the song a different vibe. It’s a really great rendition of the song!

You can hear AfterSound’s rendition of “Pretty Woman” on Spotify:

Hear the original here:

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