Lazyrev’s Brings Chill Vibes w/ “Cold Feet”


Lazyrevs is a duo from Ireland. Nadine Keogh, singing the lead in this tune, has a soft but gorgeous voice that soothes the soul in Lazyrev’s new song “Cold Feet.” The acoustic vibe of the song really lets the lyrics speak on their own, telling a story that many of us have felt before. Tom O’Connor is strumming the acoustic guitar to give it a laid back vibe like “anything goes.” The song talks about the fear of falling in love and the fear of getting involved romantically with another human being. The band formed in 2014 and has since released an EP and a some singles on Spotify. They have also formed their own record label called Revelate Records.

Hear the song on Spotify:

There is also a cute animated video on YouTube for the song:

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