Elliah Heifetz’s ‘You Shall Be a Blessing’ Is a Blessing

4 24 18 Elliah Heifetz‘You Shall Be a Blessing’, the new Elliah Heifetz song, is some well-performed, effectively accented acoustic folk. Heifetz, a first-generation American born to Jewish Soviet refugees, studied literature at Yale before beginning his career ghost-writing for pop acts and Broadway musicals. ‘You Shall Be a Blessing’ features Heifetz’s robust, throaty voice but doesn’t sacrifice on high-end production or poppy glitz. The acoustic guitar strumming that defines the song’s structure is complimented floating, ethereal electric guitars, some choice strings and even the occasional glockenspiel. On top of everything Heifetz’s vocals are well-written and truly touching. This guy has a lot to offer. Check out ‘You Will Be a Blessing’ below.

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13



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