5 Songs About Recovery from Addiction That You Need To Hear

1. “Recovery” by Frank Turner – This song captures the years before getting sober and the singers admission that he needs to change his lifestyle as soon as possible. It’s a fun folk song that anyone can sing along with.

2. “Sober AF” by Jon Jeremy – This song is about being joyful to be sober even though the people around you are using drugs. The artist talks about it being cool to be a designated driver and being happy to remember things the next morning. Jon Jeremy has an entire EP dedicated to sobriety called “Sober Art.” We also interviewed him recently.

3. “Starting Over” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – This song is another hip hop one. It’s about relapsing after spending some time sober and the sadness that it brings to the people around you and yourself. This song is an anthem for all those who relapse but want to get back into recovery.

4. “Recover Me” by Ryan Cassata – This song is a crossover between punk and reggae. The singer talks about needed to get sober after being sick mentally and physically and not being able to stop drinking.


5. “Don’t Leave Home” by Dido – This song is from the perspective of the drugs singing to the singer. This song is a good way to explain addiction to someone who has never been addicted.


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