Bruce Springsteen Will Receive Special Tony Award for “Springsteen on Broadway”


“Springsteen on Broadway” is the latest Broadway sensation that will bring you to tears, inspire you, make you want to play rock n’ roll in a band, travel the country in beat up cars, and the show will definitely make you a dedicated fan to Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen tells his life story and fills everyone in on his struggles and triumphs through his young life and his music career. He tells the theatre how he made it as a musician and how he still continues to thrive. His songwriting is a rare gift that not many have the power to do. His songwriting creations are infused with emotional stories that will make you feel like you lived them too, even if you haven’t. Throughout the whole show, whether Bruce is speaking or singing to his acoustic guitar or piano, he is telling a damn good story.

It’s hard to score tickets to the one-man show! Fans had to enter a lottery to be chosen to purchase tickets and we’re only able to purchase 2 seats for 1 performance. The performances are 5 days a week, Tuesday-Saturday at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Scalping tickets to the show is highly frowned upon and seats were thousands of dollars if they were scalped.

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Bruce won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for Streets of Philadelphia, 20 Grammy Awards (so far) and now he will receive Broadway’s greatest honor – a Tony! Now all Bruce needs is an Emmy!

The playlist of songs played during the show is here:

If you get a chance to see Springsteen on Broadway, take it! This is one of those once in a lifetime experiences that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.


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Written by Ryan Cassata


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