ANNOUNCEMENT! We are now accepting POETRY submissions!

We have just expanded our site to accept poetry submissions! Please submit 1 poem per email to

Poems can be short or medium length. No more than about 500 words.

Attach a 50-300 word author bio and a photo of yourself or a photo that you have taken. Include social media links or website if you’d like to!

Submissions are open until May 13th, 2018.

Thank you!



One comment

  1. […] Two years ago Carl R Wolfe, then 25, was told he had one week to live. Wolfe was laying in a hospital bed at the University of Penn awaiting a suitable match for a liver transplant he desperately needed. Miraculously after being on the transplant list doctors found a perfect match saving his life and changing it forever. This poem was written during his months hospitalized before, after, and during his surgery. He now lives in North East Pennsylvania with his wife Alyson. Do you have a poem you want to submit? Here’s how to send it to us. […]


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