Termination Dust: Punk Rock Spring Break Anthems + US Tour Dates!


Termination Dust just put out an epic 24-minute LP called “It’s Never Too Late.” Rock The Pigeon had the chance to listen to the retro-sounding band from Anchorage, Alaska! We heard the song “Spring Breakup” which is a true testament to fun punk music in it’s production, vocal style, and anthemic hook lines. The lyrics talk about seeing their friends be on drugs/alcohol during Spring Break. The song is simple enough to be considered punk but there is a small poppy vibe about the songwriting style as well. We imagine their live shows will be filled with crowds clapping, cheering, and singing along. Lucky for you, they are currently on tour! Go catch them for yourselves!

Listen on Spotify:


5/4 Austin, TX – Beer Land

5/6 Phoenix, AZ – The Trunk Space

5/7 El Centro, CA – Twilight Cafe

5/8 Los Angeles, CA – Bridgetown DIY

5/9 San Francisco, CA – The Knockout

5/10 Oakland, CA – Independent Brewing Company

5/11 San Jose, CA – Luna Park Palace

5/12 Portland, OR – House Show

5/13 Portland, OR – Firkin Tavern

5/14 Olympia, WA – La Voyeur

5/15 Seattle, WA – House Show

5/16 Boise, ID – Olympic Venue

5/17 Salt Lake City, UT – House Show

5/18 Denver, CO – House Show

5/21 Minneapolis, MN – House Show

Written by Ryan Cassata


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