Grant Kennedy Plays Many Instruments on New Album Including Glockenspiel


Are you dying to hear an indie-pop-rock song with an irresistible chorus? Look no further! Grant Kennedy has got the hook up with his excellent new cute-romantic-love song titled “Amsterdam.” The Canadian-singer penned the song about the city he fell in love with his wife in. The song is made complete with a folky swing and some catchy whistling. The song appears on Grant’s debut album which was released in March of 2018! Grant Kennedy is a multi-instrumentalist and didn’t have to look outside much to record instrumentation on the album “Home.”  Not only does this talented songwriter sing but he also plays guitar, bass, piano, trumpet, ukulele and glockenspiel.

Now you are probably wondering what a glockenspiel is…


You can hear the song AMSTERDAM and the full album HOME on Spotify:

There’s also a cute animation video for the song created by a very talented dutch animation collective called Brontomus! You can see that video on YouTube:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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