“I Drunk Sense To Make People” A Poem by Carl R Wolfe, A Liver Transplant Recipient

“I Drunk Sense To Make People” by Carl R Wolfe

The tear stains on her letters forced me to buy more to drink slowly turning my best quality, baby blue eyes to yellow.

It’s true your first lover will always hurt you most.
At never to be proud parents homes our smiling pictures, face down now, because the one who framed them doesn’t have the  courage to do much else with them. Let alone look at them
I whisper to my past to catch me if it can being fully prepared to let it win.
But it’s too late
I’ve crossed a line now and I’m finished.
The race is over.
Author Bio:Carl R Wolfe is a former student of Bloomsburg University where he majored in Creative Writing. After college Wolfe spent months traveling the country in a 82 Ford Econoline where he lived and wrote many poems and short stories on his adventures.

Two years ago Carl R Wolfe, then 25, was told he had one week to live. Wolfe was laying in a hospital bed at the University of Penn awaiting a suitable match for a liver transplant he desperately needed. Miraculously after being on the transplant list doctors found a perfect match saving his life and changing it forever. This poem was written during his months hospitalized before, after, and during his surgery. He now lives in North East Pennsylvania with his wife Alyson.
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