JASN: Conscious Hip-Hop from the Heart


In today’s political climate, conscious hip-hop is very hot right now. Many people use the medium as a way to create something viral, but it’s clear that JASN uses the artform to express the real events that he has lived through. JASN is a conscious hip-hop artist who also takes pride in being a Veteran and a dad. His new record is called “Sides” and consists of 4 tracks. Rock The Pigeon got the privilege of hearing the title track and got a good taste of JASN’s true artistry. JASN naturally rhymes and delivers his words, that are quite poetic and profound, over a simple old-school style beat that is soothing to listen to. The lyrics, offer a new perspective, and challenge your mind to think a bit outside the box. They also tell some of the real truths about humanity. This track is straight fire, and more importantly, it’s real. Great words from JASN.

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