Talking to EITHERMORE about the Gift of Songwriting & Exciting Debut Music Video (Exclusive Interview)


EITHERMORE is the latest indie-rock sensation coming from the Long Island Music Scene! The band, led by the fierce Jordanna Felice, released their first single on February 6th, 2018 and has since performed frequently in and around the scene to packed venues and clubs. The indie music video for “Beautiful Little Fool” is out now too and has a classic pop-punk theme that will keep you interested the whole way through!

The song “Beautiful Little Fool” is is an extremely well written piece of music that is filled with hooky guitar riffs and soulful, melodic pop-punk sounding vocals! The song is a catchy honest piece that tells the story of two lovers who just aren’t meant to be. Rock The Pigeon had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the talented singer-songwriter and main face of Eithermore, Jordanna Felice, about the song, songwriting and the band. Watch the music video and scroll down for the interview!

RTP: When did you start playing & writing music? What made you decide to write?

JF: I started writing music when I was 9 or ten. Then playing guitar when I was 11. I would have my friends teach me power chords. Then I got my first guitar when I was 12. I’ve always had a lot to say. As a young person I was looking for an outlet to express myself. Music became that outlet. When I got my first guitar the first thing I did was write a song

RTP: Do you think songwriting is something that can be learned or is it something that is a gift?
JF: There’s a formula to certain kinds of music for sure. But just because you know the formula and can write a song doesn’t mean it will be a good song that can speak to an audience. For me songwriting is innate. It couldn’t be taught to me it was just something I felt. There are loads of people who know how to write a song, but knowing how to do something and being able to execute are two different things.

RTP: How long did it take to write “Beautiful Little Fool” and what is it about?

JF: This song took maybe a month or so. I started with the guitar riff in the verses and the riff in the outro. Which I worked on a while and refined. Then the lyrics and melody came after. When I decided to take the riff I was messing around with and turn it into a song I decide to challenge myself as a songwriter. Like most people I write about what I know. So I take my inspiration from my own life. This song I wanted to be different. I decided to take a preexisting text like a film or a book, something with recognizable imagery, and turn that into the basis of my song. So I wrote about The Great Gatsby. I took the title directly from a line in the book. But in a more general and relatable sense, the song is about two former lovers who just weren’t meant to be together
RTP: Where did you get the band name Eithermore?

JF: My goal as an artist is to never be confined to a style or genre. So often artist and musicians feel pressure to choose a style. You like rock and hip- hop? Can’t have both you have to choose either or. So Eithermore just made sense. For me Eithermore represents that diversity of sound. I always want to have more styles of music incorporated and more influences helping me bring my vision to life.

RTP: Who plays in Eithermore?

JF: We have 5 current members and they’re all my best friends. I play guitar and sing lead vocals. Steve Ristano plays guitar as well. Zach Kirsimae plays bass. Dan Sadowksi on the drums. Then Alex Zassman playing the synth. Zach and Dan and I have been playing in bands together since 8th grade. It’s crazy to think we’ve been playing music for over 10 years and the chemistry in the band overall is remarkable.


Eithermore will appear live in NEW YORK on
May 30th at Amityville Music Hall (LI)
June 12th at Gold Sounds (NYC)

Listen to this epic jam on Spotify:

Rock The Pigeon also had the privilege of hearing the album in it’s entirety early. It’s not out until Summer 2018! Get ready though, because Eithermore’s debut album is a piece of work that will blow your mind. Follow this excellent band, keep up with them, and get ready for the full length record. Eithermore is worth the wait.



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Written by Ryan Cassata

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