The Harbour – A Poem by Ryan Hunter

The Harbour – by Ryan Hunter

To the harbour, I will not go
To weave the whitecaps row by row
Upon their sails in winter’s flow
She cast my bones amongst the snow

To the harbour,
I will not go.

Between the tides, I saw the end
While salt seeped in my wounds condemned
She swallowed dreams too deep to mend
With sinking hopes, horizons bend

To the harbour,
I will not descend.

In the depths, too dark to flee
From sea beds lined by bottled pleas
I launched their lures to rise and free
My heavy heart from her debris

To the harbour,
I take my leave.

When I breached the waters bare
To break the waves, of my nightmare
I found no guards to greet my flare
For only I could shore up prayers

I will not harbour,
Grounded cares.

Author Bio: Ryan Hunter is a musician and teacher residing in Vancouver, Canada. His inspirations for poetry and song lyrics typically stem from contemplating the diverse relationships he has built (or broken!) in order to learn from those experiences. Ryan’s passion for music is reflected in his ability to weave intricate and personal stories through his lyrics, while independently layering and performing a variety of instruments in his songs. Ryan’s new EP “Under the Iron Tree” arrives on May 10th, 2018 and reflects life on the west coast with all the majesty & mystery it has to offer.
Instagram page: ryanhunterrecords and Facebook: @HunterRyanMusic


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